The multi-rotor UAVs from UTEC Robotics are designed as uncompromising machines using the best lightweight components and are characterized by a stable and uncritical flight behavior. Maintenance-free and permanently loadable drives from Kontronik Sobeck, top-quality composite materials, a special aluminum alloy and proven, EU-compliant, splash-proof electronics ensure trouble-free and low-maintenance operation. The sophisticated folding mechanism is a supporting element of the structure and reduces the parts used to a minimum. This reduces spare parts and maintenance costs. The handmade carbon propellers are perfectly matched to the engines and are characterized by low noise and vibration.

The take-off weight of the UTEC Kopter is 6.5 – 10.5 kg and loads of 1.5 – 4 kg can be transported. The flight times are depending on the equipment and max. 4500m ASML at 10 – 45 min. Depending on the application or customer request, all common attitude controllers can be installed. They are perfect for manual flight with handheld transmitters, but can also be partially or fully autonomously controlled and monitored via a ground station (GCS) with high performance data link.

The low weight and pack size of only 100 x 40 x 30cm (inside) also allows transport in a small car. For air travel and transport, the batteries are configured according to the regulations of the airlines on a power output of less than 100W / h.

UTEC UAVs can be equipped with a vibration-damped mount for attaching the payload, which can be easily adapted to the approved weights. If necessary, this can then be changed in seconds.